Yahoo Answers! Posting

Yahoo Answers are also a great way to be noticed by search engines. It is a one-way ticket to get quality backlinks, providing that it does not look like spammy. Somehow, it is a win-win situation for both the audience and your site. You give them a useful and helpful answer, they will visit your site.

How do we work?

Give good answers: we take time to do research before answering. We only answer questions that are relevant to your niche and within knowledge base. We don't attempt to answer questions to which we have no good solution. Yahoo community users will reject you when they realize that you are shooting-from-the-lip rather than answering with some helpful information. Anyone can give an judgement but the "Best Answer" designation usually goes to those who provide real help to the questioners.

Always be cautious in your use of links: we only include a link back to your site when it is specifically relevant to your answer (to against being flagged as spammer)

Followed by the site's rules and guidelines. Failure to do so could result in a suspension or worse, permanent prohibition from the site.

    The Packages

    Making posts on Yahoo! Answers is unlikely to result in floods of visitors but the traffic it returns will be highly targeted.  Focus on providing value before self-promoting and you'll harvest the rewards of the Yahoo! Answers community.

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